With the exception of our folding windows all of our windows use modern friction hinges in conjunction with solid polished brass casement handles. The friction hinges we fit are steel coated with yellow passivate for corrosion resistance as well as mimicking a brass finish. For high corrosion situations ie; on the coast, stainless steel hinges are available, but in general stainless steel is not required.

Glass from 3 to 6mm can be fitted to our windows on the following rough guidelines; Window pane area less than 0,75 square meters 3mm thick glass Window pane area between 0,75 and 1,5/2,0 square meters 4mm thick glass Window pane area plus 1,5/2,0 square meters 6mm glass.

Please bear in mind that these thicknesses are approximates and whist it is acceptable to fit thicker glass to smaller panes it is not recommended to fit thin glass to larger panes. Adherence to local building laws should always be followed. Although all our windows and doors are supplied with beading where appropriate we strongly recommend that all panes are fitted using a high quality/marine grade clear silicon instead of conventional wood putty.

Silicon not only helps waterproofs the frame, but also bonds the glass and frame together significantly improving the strength of both. Longevity of the frame is also aided by keeping the water out of any nooks and crannies so by preventing the early onset of rot.

Top Hung Windows

The availability of modern friction hinges, as compared to the conventional stay and peg design, has greatly increased the scope and application of this type of windows. Top Hung Windows lend themselves to a more modern style of building where the use of traditional materials, with their inherent richness, is still valued.

Due to these windows basic design these windows offer a small benefit in terms of rain ingress when opened sparingly as compared to conventional Side Hung Windows

Top Hung Windows 900 mm

These windows have the same characteristics as our standard Top Hung Windows, but for the individual seeking a greater glass to frame ratio. Views through these windows are less impeded and there is a small, but noticeable, increase in light entering the room especially in marginal circumstances.

Side Hung Windows

Side Hung Windows offer the best glass to frame ratio giving the least obstructed views and maximum of light of all of our windows. For this and other reasons they remain popular for those seeking a simple classical design. Based on traditional steel frame designs they offer a conventional design with a touch of class.

Side Hung Windows with Fanlights

Matching our standard Side Hung Windows in design and size, but with an integrated fan light incorporated in the design. Fan lights offer open window ventilation with security in mind.

Cottage Pane Windows

Of all the Teak window designs the Cottage Pane remains the most iconic. Cottage Pane Windows bring out the full richness and stature of Teak windows and take any structure that they are fitted to too a new level. The small glass panes fitted to Cottage Pane Windows can be much thinner than conventional windows with a replacement cost benefit.

Cottage Pane Windows with Fanlights

As with all Fanlight windows they offer an increase in ventilation with security in mind.

Semi Cottage Pane Windows

On first appearance the combination of Cottage Pane opening sashes with conventional clear glass fixed panes found in our standard Side Hung Windows might seem somewhat at odds. The rationale behind this is to position the burglar bars (if fitted) behind the Teak frame of the opening sashes so as to hide them from the outside view.

The central fixed panes offer an unimpeded view.

Classic Style Windows

Classic Style Windows are what the name suggests and like Cottage Pane Windows they can be fitted with thinner glass than conventional large pane Side Hung Windows.

Victoria Cottage Pane Windows

This style of window hails from the Victorian era when making large panes of glass was both expensive and problematic. For those looking to emulate the early Colonial or Victorian period these windows are entirely suitable.

Modular Windows

These windows are aimed at prefabricated building manufactures, but are constructed in the same way as all Classic Teak Windows and can be used in the same way as all our other window styles.

Mock Sash Windows

A modern adaption of the classic sash window manufactured in a far simpler form. By using friction hinges as per our Top Hung Windows all the problems of pulleys, cords and counter weights associated with traditional sash windows are done away with.

Our Mock Sash Windows have a fixed bottom sash whilst the top sash sits proud of the bottom sash as per convention which instead of moving up and down moves out and up.

For those looking for sash windows, but are put off by the complexity and cost of conventional sash windows our Mock Sash Windows offer a compelling alternative.

Folding Windows

Also known as stacking windows these window are designed to completely or partially open with the panes stacking in a variety of combinations. These windows can completely change the nature of a room in ways that other windows can’t.

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