Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Classic Teak Windows & Doors make four different styles of Sliding doors namely:

  • Full Pane
  • Cottage Pane
  • Victoria Cottage Pane
  • Two Pane Sliding Doors

All our sliding doors are based on the same standard set of dimensions and can be broken down into three categories:

Single Sliding Doors

Single Sliders consist of two door sections with an encompassing frame and range in size from 1,8m to 3,6m wide. The one door section is fixed to the frame (viewed from outside), on the right for L doors and on the left for R doors.

The second door section is mounted on an aluminium track way with two fully adjustable rollers. Completing the installation is the supply and fitting of all the required metalwork including a specialised “Hook Lock” as well as an external cup handle and an internal bow handle, both of brass.

Single Sliding Doors with Sidelights

These sliding doors come in all four styles and three basic sizes of 2,4m 3,0m and 3,6m. In all respects they are the same as our Single Sliders, but have a sidelight on the left, right or both ends of the Sliding Door. With the exception of the Cottage Pane these sidelights consist of two top hung windows with a fixed lower pane.

The Cottage Pane sidelights have a single side hung cottage pane window with a fixed cottage pane window below. As with the Single Sliders all the required metal work is included as well as the hinges and catches required for the sidelights.

Double Sliding Doors

Double Sliders also come in all four styles and three basic sizes of 3,0m 3,6m and 4,2m. Double Sliders consist of four door sections with an encompassing frame and are generally used where larger sliding doors are needed. The two outer doors are fixed whilst the two inner doors slide left and right to their respective sides.

By splitting the sliding sections into two parts the weight of each section is considerably reduced making for easier movement. As standard, Double Sliders come with all the required metalwork fitted.

As with all our doors and windows we can custom make to fit the customers requirements. On saying this we do recommend using items from our standard designs and sizes wherever possible to save both time and money as well as avoiding any unintended consequences that might arise.

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