Folding Doors

Folding Doors

Also known as Sliding Folding Doors our Folding Doors come standard in five different styles namely:

  • Full Pane
  • Cottage Pane
  • Victoria Cottage Pane
  • Two Pane
  • Bottom Panel Folding Doors

All five styles of Folding Doors are based on the same standard set of dimensions. Our Folding Doors come in three, four, five or six door section configurations.

Furthermore the individual door sections are manufactured in two different widths, narrow and standard. With all these options we should be able to match a door from our range to meet your needs. However as with all of our windows and doors, we can custom make for virtually any application required by the customer.

It should be noted that when the folding door is closed the door section fitted with the lock can operate as a conventional hinged door. This feature is very useful for day to day usage.

Our Folding Doors come complete with all the required metal work supplied and fitted inclusive of locks, rollers, handles, bolts and track ways. These top quality fittings consist primarily of anodised aluminium hinges combined with stainless steel rollers on the track ways. Brass handles, locks and bolts complete the required metalwork.

Full Pane Folding Doors

These folding doors offer the least restricted view, but it recommended that 6mm glass is used due to the size of the individual panes. This is primarily a safety concern and the fitting of visible transfers on each pane is strongly recommended.

Cottage Pane Folding Doors

The size of the individual glass panes is designed to match as closely as possible the Cottage Pane windows we manufacture. Due to the small size of the panes 3mm glass works well.

Victoria Cottage Pane Folding Doors

A classical design hailing from the period where making large panes of glass was not an option. For that early Colonial or Victorian period effect Victoria Cottage pane can be very effective. 4mm to 6mm glass is recommended.

Two Pane Folding Doors

Similar to the Full Pane Folding Door, but with a mid section brace. This does provide the door with extra stability and is a useful safety feature to stop people walking into the door. Glass required 4 or 6 mm.

Bottom Panel Doors

A variation on our Two Panel Door. Instead of a glass panel at the base a solid teak panel is fitted which provides a degree of extra privacy. Glass required 4 or 6mm.

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