Teak Dining Tables and Chairs

Teak Dining Tables

Olive Grove manufactures a range of Dining Tables in round, square and rectangular formats in four, six, eight, ten and twelve seaters. We can do larger custom tables with our largest to date being a twenty two seater. Due to the ongoing popularity of railway sleeper type tables we also manufacture tables from “rustic” or defect timber. These defects are accrued by the tree over many years of growth and are caused by lightning, fire and animal damage to name but a few. Each of our rustic tables is especially unique due to the infinite variety of defects found in rustic timber.

Both our clear and rustic tables come with a choice of three different styles of leg namely straight square, square with a taper and turned.

Dining Room Server – Three and Four Door

Our Three bay server (3 drawer & 3 cupboards) is usually paired with one of our Six seater dining room tables whilst our Four bay server (4 drawer & 4 cupboards) combines well with our larger Dining tables; Eights, Tens and Twelve seaters or bigger. The cupboards have two shelves, a bottom and a center whilst the drawers have no internal partitions. The drawers run on hardwood runners which we have found to be both smooth in operation as well as simple and long lasting. Magnetic catches hold the cupboard doors closed.

Both our 3 and 4 Bay servers can combine with an upper shelf and cupboard unit for a classic Welch Dresser. This upper section has two glass fronted cupboards on either end with Teak shelves throughout as well as the back panel of the dresser. Another option instead of the Welch Dresser a full width teak framed mirror can be fitted to the wall above the server. We would recommend the mirror be combined with two lamps or cathedral candles on the server. All our servers are available in clear or rustic timber.

3 Drawer Server

Our 3 Drawer Server can also be used as a hall table due to its length and narrow width. As with our Dining tables there are three options in leg design, square with a taper, straight square and turned. Generally the legs of the server are matched with the associated dining table. As with our full sized servers a full length teak framed mirror can be mounted above the server. All our servers are available in clear or rustic timber.

Teak Dining Chairs

Olive Grove manufactures five styles of Dining chair, namely Boston, Upper and Lower Manhattan, Country and Cathay. All of our Dining Chairs are compatible with all our Dining Tables and are available in clear or rustic timber.

Our chairs are fitted with a standard teak seat, but all of our designs can be fitted with an upholstered seat in fabric or leather. With fabric we ask our clients to source the fabric of their choice. For leather covered seats we prefer source the leather ourselves and our standard leather seat configuration is a stitched nine panel design. This nine panel design helps to maximise the leather usage for what is a durable, but somewhat expensive option.

Boston Chair

Our Boston Chair is our most popular and the chair we recommend for restaurant and general commercial use. The back slats on our Boston Chair extend below the seat level onto a leg brace. This gives the chair additional strength and specifically helps protect the area where the seat and back legs join.

Upper and Lower Manhattan

Both our Upper and Lower Manhattan Chairs are of the same design with the Upper Manhattan having a taller back rest. As with our Boston Chairs the back rails help strengthen the design in the same way. Teak, upholstery or leather seats can be fitted.

Country Chair

This was Olive Grove`s original dining chair design and has somewhat softer lines than our Boston and Manhattan Chairs and belongs more to a bygone age where functionality was the order of the day. Arguably our Country Chairs are the most comfortable by a slender margin.

Cathay Chair

Quite a lot of our furniture is named after the person who first ordered it. Our Wallace Beds and Crawford Tables being two examples of this. Our Cathay Chair was ordered by a Chinese customer who provided a picture from a Chinese company catalogue which we tweaked a little to suit our local Teak and production methods. Both the customer and us had a chuckle over the role reversal. The end result was our Cathay Chair which is noticeably heavier and clearly Eastern in origin.

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