Classic Teak Windows

Classic Teak Windows manufactures a range of windows and doors from locally harvested Zimbabwean Teak. Our teak is sourced under the control of Forestry Commission and is compliant with all renewable resources requirements. After kiln drying the timber is pre-machined and graded in quality, length and colour for onward processing into windows, doors or for use by our associate companies.

The fittings used on our doors and windows are of the highest quality and combined with the longevity of Teak we look to provide you with a lifetime product. Classic Teak Windows recommends the Woodoc range of products for the initial sealing and long term care of our windows and doors. Our products are given a light travelling coat to protect them in transit and require final finishing on site. The employ of competent craftsmen in the fitting of our doors and windows cannot be over emphasized and information and diagrams on the fitting and care of our products is available.

Although we can custom make both windows and doors to suit your needs we urge you to study our extensive catalogue for your requirements, to save both time and money.

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