Olive Grove - Our History

About Olive Grove


Olive Grove manufactures a diverse line of teak products so as to obtain the maximum usage of our raw material. We also undertake custom work and this has given us wide experience in the use and application of this timber. Our timber is kiln dried and where applicable pressure treated. This certification has given us the ability to export world wide. We welcome the individual customer but our primary business is lodges and small hotels, in the 5 to 20 room range. We can supply your furniture requirements for your bedrooms, dining room and pool area as well as doors, windows, floors and decks. To date we have furnished lodges in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. How can we help you?


The company, established in 1994 has evolved from a saw milling base, into a predominantly manufacturing enterprise. This early experience has been invaluable to Olive Grove to maximise the recovery of finished timber from carefully harvested logs. Over the years we have sought to continuously refine and develop our product lines so as to use this valuable resource as efficiently as possible.


Our factory is situated in the heart of the Hardwood province of Matabeleland 15 km to the south east of Bulawayo. If you are in the area please feel free to call in. Our physical address is: 10 Hopefountain Road, Douglasdale, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

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